Hartland Way – British Curriculum School in Dubai | Hartland International School

The Hartland Way

We combine a unique blend of academic challenge, enrichment opportunities and pastoral support to target excellence and create a values based community of teachers, children and parents. This rich combination,
we call “The Hartland Way”.

Learning in Context

Our teachers harness each child’s curiosity, using real life examples to ensure that their lessons are both understood and remembered. Our children are often taught outside of their classrooms with Foundation students searching for letters on the school’s signage whilst Year 3 discover the ways of the Aztecs through hands-on investigations around the school and Year 6 learn how to create an exciting new chocolate bar.

We encourage them to think and to question, equipping them with the skills that they will need to enjoy a successful future. Of course, we also ensure that they have a solid foundation of traditional skills; spelling, grammar and times tables are very much part of our school life.

Enrichment is an Entitlement at Hartland

As part of our curriculum, our children spend four hours per week broadening their knowledge and skills. We encourage students to build both on current talents and work on developing new ones by choosing a balanced range of activities from those on offer.

The Hartland Passport encourages our students to develop a set of values which, when combined with their academic and enrichment skills, will equip them for life.

Within each child’s passport, the values are broken down into tangible actions with students earning stamps as they demonstrate each one. Ambassador Visas are awarded to those children who go above and beyond and to those who have achieved all of the stamps within a value.

Working Together

It is essential that we form a strong partnership between our school, each child and their parents. In our Hopes and Dreams meetings, at the start of each academic year, we seek to understand your aspirations for your child and develop personal goals and targets together.

These stretch across every aspect of school life to deliver an experience that it More than an Education. You will then receive a focused weekly progress report letting you know how your child is doing.