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Welcome message

Dear Parent,

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

Albert Einsten

Welcome to Hartland and to the Hartland Way. We care passionately – about excellent learning and teaching, about learning for life, about education – but most of all we care passionately about your child. We are very proud of what we do – proud of our unique programme for the gifted and talented, designed specially for Hartland by a leading world expert, and just as proud of our programme for those with special learning needs, served by its own team of experts and staff. That same pride carries through to our growing enrichment programme, which with us is an essential entitlement for all children, our preference for experience-based learning where what we teach is related directly to the world the child knows, and our absolute belief that if you teach a child to think you teach them to fly.

We want our children to be independent learners, self-starters who will be just as happy in a public exam when they come across a question they haven’t covered five times before because they know they can think their way out of new and challenging situations. We want our children to blend confidence in their ability with the resilience to cope when things don’t always go right first-time round, and we want them to grow up to be adults who are never frightened to rise to a challenge because they are too frightened of failing.

We are based on ten core values, recorded in and encouraged by the unique Hartland Passport, one of the many ways we seek to nurture values in our pupils, and make ours a value-based education.

We think the best way to find out about the Hartland Way is to come and see us, and see our children come out of their lessons with a smile on their faces and a fire for learning in their heart. Please join us on one of the newest and most exciting journeys in Dubai.

Fiona Cottam
Chief Academic Officer and Principal