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Admissions FAQ

Our school hours for the Foundation Stage 1 & 2 are from 8.00 am to 1.30 pm.

For the primary school Year 1 to Year 6 drop off starts at 7.30 am, 7.45 am registration, and the school day finishes at 2.05 pm. The enrichment program runs until 3.05 pm from Sunday to Wednesday.

For Year 7 drop off starts at 7.30 am, 7.45 am registration, and the school day finishes at 3.15 pm. The enrichment program runs until 4.15 pm from Sunday to Wednesday.

Thursday is a shorter school day, so it ends on 1.30pm for all children.

Yes, we do offer transportation. RTA is the bus company that provides our school transportation to students from FS1 to Year 7. For further information, kindly contact Ms Hanna at 04 2224222/ 04 4079474 or

Zaks Uniform Shop Jumeirah [Store 1]   Jumeirah Beach Centre, 1st Floor,   No: 114-C Dubai, UAE. Tel: +971 4 3429828.   Email:

School lunch is not included as parents can make the decision either to book the school lunch or to provide lunch from home.

Meal Deal

Year Group Annual (AED) Term 1 (AED) Term 2 (AED) Term 3 (AED)
FS1 – Y2 4,180 1,672 1,254 1,254
Y3 – Y7 5,700 2,280 1,710  1,170


Children will receive a starter, main course and dessert.

Yes we do offer a sibling club to FS1 and FS2 children who have an older child enrolled with us however this is after consultation with the Principal.

Football, Cross Country and Swimming squads as of now.

Yes as it is part of our curriculum. Children have once a week swimming lesson and once a week a PE lesson.

Yes as it is part of our curriculum. Children have music once a week.

Temperature of 40 degrees centigrade and above is the cut off point for outdoor play.

Children with a temperature of 37.8 C should be rested at home. During school day, if a child develops a fever, parents are notified to collect their child as soon as possible. Children may return to school if they are not feverish for 24 hours without taking any antipyretic medications such as Panadol, Adol, Brufen, etc.

Any help from parents is appreciated and we always involve our parents in school events.

Once we have opened all levels from FS1 to Year 13 the schools full capacity will be 2,200 children.

Our teachers follow the school code of conduct which aims to enhance a positive model.

Yes, FS1 children have to be potty trained to join us.

No, as the school provides the school books.

The Sobha Group is the owner of the school and as of now Hartland International School is their only school in Dubai.

Yes they do. Parents will be informed by the class teachers in advance about any field trips.

Uniform, School lunch and bus transportation will have to be paid additionally.

Class teachers will send out a weekly newsletter on Thursdays to parents. In addition to this there is a weekly bulletin from the Parent Relations Executive and also a regular Newsletter from the Principal.

Either via email or in person before drop-off or after pick-up time.

We do have an external provider using our school facilities during school holidays offering camps.

Once the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City is completely built we do expect easier access from different roads.

Yes, however we insist this is requested in writing and preferably introduce the person to the class teacher.

School Shoes must be black leather with no stripes or logos. They must be firm and supportive. Black versions of trainers, canvas or trainer shoes are not permissible.

Sports shoes: Non – marking training shoes must be worn.

English is the main language at Hartland. From Year 1 Arabic is taught in our curriculum and from Year 2 French, Spanish, German and Mandarin. Children will be able to choose the language they prefer.

No, we are not a boarding school.

Yes, we do offer EAL support to children whose first language is not English. The EAL lessons will take place during school hours and are free of charge.

No, we do not have other branches at the currently.

No, we are not a boarding school.

Arabic is mandatory from Year 1 in UAE. FS2 children will receive 40 minutes of Arabic per week to introduce the language to them. From Year 1 children will be placed into Arabic A or Arabic B up to their family background.

From Year 2 we offer French and Spanish classes in our curriculum. Till Year 6 children can choose the language they want to learn. From Year 7 children will receive both languages. We also offer German and Mandarin classes from Year 2 for non-native speakers.

The majority of our children come from Meydan Heights and Meydan South. We are also have children from Downtown, Business Bay, DIFC, Jumeirah and other areas of Dubai.

FS1 and FS2 max. 20 children with a teacher and learning assistant, Year 1 to Year 6 max. 24 children with a teacher and learning assistant, Year 7 onwards max. 24 children with a teacher.

Yes, it is temperature controlled. During the winter, the pool’s temperature ranges between 31.5 C to 32 C and with a temperature of 30 C during summer.

The children have access to ipads in all the years. The school currently provides the children with the devices and there is no need to bring a device from home. We do encourage Year 7 to bring their own devices.

We have a healthy mix with regards to female and male faculty staff ratio. However, Foundation stage teachers are all female.

40 minutes for Primary school, 1 hour for Secondary school.

FS1 children start their swimming lessons only from Term 3. FS2 children start from Term 1.

At the current time we do not offer any of these as we only run to Y7.

Children have a morning break and a midday break.

We are proud of being a truly international school. Our nationalities include parts of South America, Russia, Australia, USA. We are truly diverse!

The teachers are primarily from the UK and Ireland however we do have some teachers from other countries as well. All are qualified in line with KHDA regulations.

A mix of nationalities which we believe reflects our pupil body.

At present Y1 –Y6 are on lunchtime together and go on the sports field. The children are in different areas for break times.