An Innovative Approach for Child Development

May 17, 2015

How many of us remember training days, whatever our profession, where hours were spent listening to guest speakers, eyes glazed over at blurred Power Points and counting the minutes until the next coffee break?

The landscape of Professional Development has come a long since then and no more so than at Hartland International School. Our innovative and creative approach to Professional Development is giving our teachers the confidence to try out new things in the classroom, resulting in lessons that are creative, and staff and children who are motivated, excited, curious and inspired to learn.

Our Professional Development approach is rooted in the belief that for teachers to be inspired and excited in the classroom, they need opportunities to learn together, to experiment together and to take risks together. We provide those opportunities through time dedicated each week to allow teachers to develop their skills in collaboration, team planning, peer mentoring as well as individual research and further study.

Central to the success of our Professional Development programme is the idea that we are all lifelong learners .We model activities for the classroom so that teachers leave with practical and engaging activities that they can implement straight away in the next lesson. We create opportunities for our teachers to experiment across subjects and age groups using a coaching framework. As importantly, we work in partnership with the children to help us reflect on our teaching so that we can ensure that learning is of the highest quality and we create lessons which the children enjoy.

Antonia Giovanazzi
Vice Principal
Hartland International School