Integrated Technology in the classroom

January 27, 2017

At Hartland, students are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. Hartland has a dedicated specialist teacher to teach coding which develops children as designers and not just end users.

In addition, information technology is used to create programs, systems and a range of content across the curriculum. In our efforts to drive transformation of the learning environment and thereby impact on the outcomes for students, Hartland International School was one of the first K-12 schools in the UAE to deploy SMART interactive flat panels in all teaching rooms. We are therefore attempting to future proof our classrooms at Hartland by promoting and improving teaching practices, supported by education specific software and hardware, coupled with a focused continuous professional development training plan for its use. In the coming years, interface will be through entirely multi-touch surfaces, such as desks or workstations, with voice simulation and multi-sensory adaptation.

Judy Naidoo
ICT/Coding Teacher