A unique and new school in dubai

May 13, 2015

Starting a new school means that you can do things a little bit differently. The challenge of putting something in place, of bringing the years of experience together to translate a vision into practice, these are the exciting times that we look forward to facing as we come close to opening Hartland.

There is an air of mystery that seems to surround assessments as children prepare for the new school year. By now, most children have places at their preferred schools and assessments are completed but the teachers that have undertaken assessments, now have lots of work to do, sensitively putting together the different classes.

Each class list that you see at the start of the school year includes children that are early birthday, late birthday, boys, girls, English and non-English speakers, confident, shy and so forth. The information that teachers discover from the children at the Assessment stage gives them a basis to allocate children places in different classes, and then classes matched to a particular teacher.

As we speak to parents and children as they come for Assessments, we ask them what they want their teachers to be like in their new school. Parents want subject specialists, teachers who are experienced with long and illustrious backgrounds in teaching and leadership. Children want teachers who are kind and a little bit strict. Everyone wants children to be happy. This makes our jobs easy when matching children and classes with teachers; we use the same sensitivity that was used when putting the class lists together.

Dubai has a very transient society and friends come and go all the time. This means that there is no guarantee that the children in a class at the beginning of the year will be the same as those at the end. Ensuring that children have a peer group that they know and feel comfortable with, that parents have a group of friends that they know and feel comfortable with, this becomes increasingly difficult to guarantee as years go by. The only thing that we can guarantee is that our teachers are kind, and a little bit strict, and that our first priority is the happiness of the children.