New School New Teachers

July 16, 2015

At the beginning of each academic year, Dubai welcomes a host of new teachers eager to begin their adventure in teaching overseas. Just like the children they are about to teach, they arrive on their first day with a little trepidation as to what the future weeks and months will hold for them. Key to their successful orientation into a new school and a new life is an induction programme which prepares them fully and confidently for the year ahead.

We have already begun to build our new staff community by actively involving them in the planning and resourcing of our curriculum. Regular communication by email, phone and Skype as well as making full use of current educational apps such as ITunes University, to upload and share planning and resources, has enabled us to work collaboratively to build our school.

On the 9th August, we will welcome our new teachers to Hartland and deliver an induction programme which will offer them opportunities to experience the culture and traditions of the UAE through Heritage tours, visits to the Jumeirah Mosque as well as lessons in basic Arabic. We are also delighted to be hosting our own Ignite conference designed to inspire our new teachers by connecting them with local organisations, both cultural and educational. These include: Pearl FM, Dubai Science Festival and the award winning Dubai Literature Festival.

Training in use of technology in the classroom, collaborative planning on tutorials, electives and the curriculum will enable all teachers to open the doors on the first day of term confident that they will be fully prepared to deliver an exciting, innovative curriculum which will inspire our children and challenge them to reach for the stars!

Antonia Giovanazzi
Vice Principal
Hartland International School