Setting up a New School in Dubai

June 7, 2015

Setting up a new school is one of the most demanding yet rewarding challenges in education. The effort and thought that goes into the finer detail of setting up a school is incredible and the enjoyment gained from designing a new building, a curriculum, a staffing structure and a set of values is priceless.

Setting up a new school in Dubai has all of the associated challenges with setting up a school anywhere but, working and navigating the local context, the Dubai Municipality regulations, the Civil Defence, local contractors, local press agencies and the local parent market adds another layer of complexity to the challenge which can’t be resolved by transplanting knowledge or people into Dubai.

All of these challenges require people with a ‘can do’ mindset that see cultural difference as an opportunity to learn, that see networking and entertaining as an integral part of the job and, most of all, they require people who are resilient, who approach each and every day with the attitude that the project has to be delivered.

We are eight weeks away from welcoming our new staff to Hartland International School and I still wake up during the night thinking about ‘the things that need to be completed’. That feeling that we’re nearly there but so far away is dangerous for anyone who has been on a project since its inception and who can now see the finish line.

Our first school tours were last week and the overwhelmingly sense that this is real, and we are opening a school in the centre of Dubai that will challenge the very best schools in the world, was felt by the entire team.

Watch this space in the coming weeks as we prepare to launch Hartland International School Dubai.