Visiting Hartland – The Reality!

May 28, 2015

Yesterday we went to visit the site for the first time, which was such an amazing experience! Actually being in the school, envisioning how it will look and feel when it is full of excited children and families, has inspired us to all re-commit to making Hartland the school that we know it can be.

Some amazing facts that we learned on our visit:
  • There are 1300 men working on the school at this time.
  • There are shifts working round the clock to finish the school on schedule.
  • Sobha have now registered over three million man hours working on the Hartland project without accidents.

Safety, as always, is paramount and so the Senior Leadership Team had to put on their safety boots, vests and hats for the site visit. Thanks to the wonderful team on-site for leading us through the spaces and sharing their timeline (down to the hour) for completion of the area designated for school tours.

Opening a school in Dubai is no easy task and the huge collective effort that has gone in to opening Hartland International School has been fantastic.

Standing outside the building it’s difficult to imagine how bright and spacious the rooms are inside, and then coming back out into the heat and stepping back, the sheer size of the school takes your breath away.

We cannot wait to start to bring families to the school next week and begin our Hartland story together. If you would like to book a school tour, or learn more about our Hartland vision, please contact our school on 04 407 9444.