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our secondary school

Our Secondary School in Dubai
(Ages 11-18)

Our students will enter the secondary phase of Hartland equipped with excellent study skills and with confidence to take ownership of their learning. Our curriculum provides inspiration, an all-round education, combining academic excellence with a wealth of enrichment opportunities. It has been designed to develop independence, resilience and confidence and provides our students with immediate advantages in gaining places in top universities and, later on, in the workplace.

Our broad and balanced curriculum will continue to Year 9, after which the students will be supported as they make their IGCSE course choices and become more specialized. At Hartland, we will expect them to take at least 8 IGCSE courses, including English, Mathematics, a Humanities subject, at least two Sciences and at least one additional Language. A full range of technical and creative courses as well as Further Mathematics and English Literature will be available.

Alongside the academic programme, we will continue to offer a full Enrichment programme and our students will be encouraged to engage in sporting, creative and community-based activities. Designed to explore future careers as well as stretching natural talents, the secondary enrichment courses inspire, challenge and engage our students. Some example enrichment courses are:


Press journalism. Students will explore what is involved in producing a newspaper. They will be introduced to the many factors that a journalist must consider when seeking out a story.

The Art of Comedy

Students will explore the elements of Commedia dell’ Arte: stock characters; physical comedy; satire; mime and improvisation. In the process, they will create their own performance as well as analyse how Commedia dell’ Arte and modern comedy can be used to comment on social issues.

Engineering Challenge

The main focus of this course is to design, construct and test a bridge that has the highest strength to weight ratio. Students will investigate the occupations related to bridge building and learn engineering principles including materials science and the physics of structures.

In Years 12 and 13 our students will be able to study either the broad-based International Baccalaureate Diploma or more specialized A Levels. Our team of Tutors, Higher Educations Advisors and Counsellors will be available to both our students and our parents to guide you through this choice.

We will encourage, and help to facilitate, participation in work placement, study tours and external awards to broaden our student’s experiences. Participation in the Model United Nations, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Debating challenges, as well as continuing sporting and performing arts interests, will be amongst the opportunities on offer.

As our students graduate from Hartland, and take their place at the world’s top universities, we are confident that they will be courageous leaders, compassionate supporters and excellent decision makers, ready to make a difference on the global stage.