Houses at Hartland International School

Houses encourage teamwork and collaboration, providing an opportunity for children to develop friendships outside of their class and their year groups and a place to shine. They ignite a passion for healthy competition whilst creating a strong sense of belonging and community between our students and our staff.

All our children are allocated to a House with children from other year groups. Children in the same Tutor Group and siblings will be part of the same House, to ensure that these bonds are strengthened.

Our House names are based on four of the parks within Dubai:

1. Mushrif
2. Safa
3. Zabeel
4. Creekside

Older children will assume positions of responsibility and act as role models for the younger children, leading them in creative, charitable and community projects, inter-House sporting fixtures and other competitions. House points will be awarded to children for special achievements, excellent progress and hard work and for acts of kindness. The individual students and Houses with the most points will be celebrated.