Special Educational Needs at Hartland International

Learning Support

Children may develop needs that require learning support at any time and stage in school. They may be cognitive, physical or emotional. Hartland’s Learning Support Department works closely with our teaching staff to identify any needs at an early stage, and provides the support that will enable each child to thrive and flourish within the curriculum.

Teachers trained in Special Educational Needs will work with children within the school. Where appropriate, parents may be referred to external agencies for further support.

English as an Additional Language

As an international school we expect that some of our children will speak English as an additional language, many will be bilingual and some will join us understanding and speaking very little English. At Hartland, we celebrate this diversity, ensuring that, with support from our trained English as an Additional Language team, all of our children will be able to access fully our curriculum, which is taught in English.

Gifted and Talented

Across the world, those schools that have ignited and inspired their more able pupils to achieve excellence, have found the whole school benefitting from the excitement that such a programme generates.

There are no limits for the more able child at Hartland. The Hartland Way is to enable our most gifted students to gain entry to the world’s top universities by offering a world – leading programme designed specifically to challenge the more able.