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Our Team

Excellence in Leadership is core to our belief in what makes schools exceptional. In addition, we are committed to securing and appointing the highest calibre of staff, and have drawn teachers and leaders from around the globe. All of our staff come with the experiences that ensure growth and sustainable capacity to develop as a school.  Each and every one of our team are here to support our school community and we are proud that have chosen Hartland as their workplace.

Senior Leadership Team

Fiona Cottam
Mrs Fiona Cottam
Janice Butterworth
Mrs Janice Butterworth
Vice Principal – Head of Primary
Yasmine Dannawy
Ms Yasmine Dannawy
Assistant Principal
Steve Vickers
Mr Steve Vickers
Assistant Principal
Shahida Ibrahim
Mrs Shahida Ibrahim
Assistant Principal

Foundation Stage Teachers

Stephanie Nazarian
Ms Stephanie Nazarian
Foundation Stage Leader
Ami Jackson
Ms Ami Jackson
FS1 Teacher
Michelle Ferry
Ms Michelle Ferry
FS1 Teacher
Stefania D'Olimpio
Mrs Stefania D’Olimpio
FS1 Teacher
Amy Doyle
Ms Amy Doyle
FS2 Teacher
Ciara Roche
Ms Ciara Roche
FS2 Teacher
Kelly Ross
Ms Kelly Ross
FS2 Teacher
Francesca Tomlin
Ms Francesca Tomlin
FS2 Teacher
Frances Gair
Mrs Frances Gair
FS2 Teacher
Michelle Quinn
Ms Michelle Quinn
FS2 Teacher

Primary Teachers

Anthonia Olayiwola
Mrs Anthonia Olayiwola
Year 1 Teacher and KS1 Team Leader
Emma Bowden
Mrs Emma Bowden
Year 1 Teacher
Vivyan Buckley
Ms Vivyan Buckley
Year 1 Teacher
Nicola Perkins
Mrs Nicola Perkins
Year 2 Teacher & Moral Education Subject Leader
Lauren Wainwright
Ms Lauren Wainwright
Year 2 Teacher
Mary Hulme
Mrs Mary Hulme
Year 3 Teacher
Andrew Stenhouse
Mr Andrew Stenhouse
Year 2 Teacher & English Subject Leader
Lara Nugent
Ms Lara Nugent
Year 3 Teacher
Daniel Slack
Mr Daniel Slack
Year 4 Teacher & Cultural Studies Subject Leader
Hayley Pearce
Ms Hayley Pearce
Year 4 Teacher
Amandish Sandhu
Mr Amandish Sandhu
Year 5 Teacher
Grainne Dineen
Ms Grainne Dineen
Year 5 Teacher
Peter White
Mr Peter White
Year 6 Teacher
Rachel Malone
Ms Rachel Malone
Year 6 Teacher & KS2 Team Leader
Maureen McDonough
Mrs Maureen McDonough
Primary Mathematics Leader
Deirdre Ireland
Ms Deirdre Ireland
Foundation Stage and Primary Teacher

Specialist Subject Teachers

Linzi Williams
Ms Linzi Williams
Judy Naidoo
Ms Judy Naidoo
Teacher of Computing
Ahmed Shaban Elsayed
Mr Ahmed Shaban Elsayed
Teacher of Arabic and Islamic Education
Andrea Mangan
Ms Andrea Mangan
Subject Leader – Modern Foreign Languages
Claire Beggs
Ms Claire Beggs
Subject Leader – Art
Lee Britten
Mr Lee Britten
Subject Leader – Physical Education
Mohammed Mohsen
Mr Mohammed Mohsen
Teacher of Arabic and Islamic Education
Rajvinder Kaur
Ms Rajvinder Kaur
Subject Leader – Science
Andrew Doyle
Mr Andrew Doyle
Teacher of Design Technology
Elizabeth Egan
Ms Elizabeth Egan
Subject Leader – Music
Anna McKiernan
Ms Anna McKiernan
Subject Leader – Drama
Melissa Naylor
Mrs Melissa Naylor
Teacher of English
Sam Buse
Mr Sam Buse
Teacher of Humanities
Lynn Horwell
Mrs Lynn Horwell
Teacher of Physical Education
Angela Blair
Mrs Angela Blair
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Tom Bruccoleri
Mr Tom Bruccoleri
Subject Leader – Mathematics
Mohamed Gamal
Mr Mohamed Gamal
Subject Leader – Arabic and Islamic Education
Shaimaa Salem
Mrs Shaimaa Salem
Teacher of Arabic and Islamic Education
Omyma Hashim
Mrs Omyma Hashim
Teacher of Arabic and Islamic Education
Nisreen Owera
Mrs Nisreen Owera
Teacher of Arabic and Islamic Education
Kathryn Llewellyn
Mrs Kathryn Llewellyn
Head of English as an Additional Languages
Helen Green
Mrs Helen Green
Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Mrs Seraina Maier
Teacher of German
Mary Rose Grieve
Mrs Mary Rose Grieve
Amarylis Harris
Mrs Amarylis Harris
School Counsellor
Adam Whitty
Mr Adam Whitty
Swimming Coach