Student Dining at Hartland International School

At Hartland we will encourage our students to develop healthy eating habits from an early age.

We provide a range of healthy choices that students are able to choose from with a variety of hot foods, fruits and vegetables, eliminating added sugar and salt.

Alternatively, students are welcome to bring food from home as a packed lunch. In line with our healthy eating philosophy, we would ask that this is balanced and nutritious and does not contain nuts, including nutella chocolate spread, crisps, sweets or soft drinks.

Our school Dining Hall is a spacious, bright and welcoming environment, encouraging our students to socialise and practise their table manners as they eat. There will be opportunities to join their house group, eating with children of different ages and widening your child’s friendships.

Lunch Menu - February 2017

For details or costs and payment options, please enquire at the school reception desk.