A life without my little Rosefinchers (FS1)

It seems surreal. I cannot get my head around it! As I sit here, I ask myself the question: why are we not at school? I do know the reasoning behind the closing of [...]

Third Culture Kids

I was born in a country other than my own culture, to parents who each had two different passports and I was subsequently raised on four different continents. I grew up thinking I was [...]

You Have to be in it to Win it

   When I reflect on my sporting career, I can’t help but feel extremely fortunate. Since moving to the UAE I captained the country through its most successful period in 7s and 15s. During [...]

The Power of Enrichment

Enrichment activities extend children’s learning through new experiences and opportunities that are key to academic success, personal and social development, which will equip them for life. If we are fully committed to preparing our children [...]

Sustainability at Hartland

Sustainability in schools is increasingly being recognised as an essential element to generate awareness within our young people so that students can become catalysts for the future evolution of our planet. In order for [...]

The Sound of Music in Schools

As a child, I was fortunate that my parents were passionate about music. Music was both a joy and an important feature of life, and the childhood of my sisters and I were filled [...]

Pros and Cons of UK Curriculum

Questions: 1. Who is the curriculum suitable for? The UK Curriculum, or National Curriculum for England as it is formally know, is a broad balanced curriculum that is suitable for children and young people [...]

Harnessing the imagination and spirit of children

Developing future leaders through performing arts By Fiona Cottam, Principal and Chief Academic Officer at Hartland International School Over the last two years, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) agenda has begun to [...]