Preparing our students for their future!

The World Economic Forum insight report of 2021 ‘The Future of Jobs’, suggests that 65% of our students will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet. The world of work is evolving at lightning speed, which means as educators, we have to figure out how to enable our students to best prepare for a future job that’s impossible to predict. The need for knowledge and qualifications will remain steadfast but we also know that they need more – a lot more! They need the opportunity to learn skills that will enable them to shape the future for themselves, and the ability to adapt to whatever comes next, as well as whatever comes after that. The inherent reality is that young people may face working in not only one career scope, but several career scopes over the course of their working lives, such is the degree of unpredictability.

Perhaps then, the greatest skill they can learn is resilience and career resilience in particular. In doing so, they will develop the capability to adjust and adapt to career changes as they occur.

This will involve students taking charge of their own career paths and continuously developing new skill sets to keep themselves ahead of the pace.

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