Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – 6)

In Key Stage 2, your child will continue to be encouraged and challenged within a more rigorous academic framework. In addition to the specialist classes already provided, we now introduce Drama as a discrete and specialist subject as well as Humanities to compliment the International Primary Curriculum. Our aim is to connect thoughts and learning to the real world in which our children live.

Each child will become part of a class group where they will be encouraged to become increasingly capable of organising their own learning, understanding their goals and knowing when to ask for more help or guidance. Our students will be able to identify their learning strengths, identify areas for growth and develop successful strategies to achieve their goals, both academic and personal.

As a result of this personalised approach to learning, we hope that our students will be confident in facing future challenges with determination and enthusiasm. They will demonstrate a commitment to contributing to their community as a global citizen and their role as leaders within it. As they prepare to enter into the Secondary School, they will have developed the skill set, attitudes and knowledge to transition from their role as learners to leaders and will be eager and confident to use them.

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