Specialist Subject Teachers

Arabic and Islamic Studies

Mr Mohamed Gamal Arabic B and Islamic Studies
Mr Mounir Jammal Arabic A and UAE Curriculum
Mr Ali Elsayed Ali Teacher of Islamic Education A
Mr Abdelmonem Elslamboly Teacher of Islamic Education B
Mrs Mona Elshayeb Teacher of Arabic A and Islamic Education A
Mr Abdelrahman Mohamed Teacher of Arabic A
Mrs Omyma Hashim Teacher of Arabic B
Mrs Howaida Fayez Ahmed Mohamed Teacher of Arabic B
Ms Hebatullah Mohammed Teacher of Arabic B
Mrs Omnia Mostafa Teacher of Arabic B
Mrs Nisreen Owera Teacher of Arabic B


Mrs Melissa Naylor Head of English and Media Studies
Ms Ellen Connell Teacher of English Head of Safa House
Mrs Bronagh Owako Teacher of English


Mr Gareth Brown Head of Mathematics KS4 Leader Seconded to SLT
Mr Jeremy Macblain Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Robert McLaren Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Simon Thompson Teacher of Mathematics


Ms Jennifer Haugh Head of Science KS3 Leader
Mrs Louise Rogers Teacher of Science
Ms Sarah Mahmud Teacher of Science
Mr Matthew Rodgers Teacher of Science

English as an Additional Language

Mrs Joanna Galvin Head of English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Mrs Cindy Jones Teacher of English as an Additional Language

Art and Drama

Ms Lucy Leibinger Head of Art
Miss Rose Trowse Teacher of Primary Art
Mrs Lynsay Ansell Subject Leader of Drama

Computer Studies and Economics and Business Studies

Mr Eamonn Al-Rifai Head of Computer Studies
Mr Eoghan Heffernan Subject Leader of Economics and Business Studies

Design Technology

Mr James Peacock Subject Leader of Design Technology
Ms Marie McDonagh Teacher of Design Technology

Geography and History

Ms Rebecca Keeley Head of Geography
Mr Andrew Hatcher Head of History
Mr Sam Buse Teacher of Humanities Head of Zabeel House
Ms Jade Carter Teacher of History

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Angela Blair Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms Virginia Ridolfi Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Paul Evans Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Lifeng Qu Teacher of Mandarin
Ms Melissa Habibovic Teacher of German


Mr Gareth Ansell Head of Music Examinations Officer
Ms Elizabeth Egan Teacher of Primary Music Head of Creekside House
Ms Catriona O’Dwyer Teacher of Primary Music


Mr Steve Oakes Head of Sixth Form
Mr James McBlane Head of Secondary
Ms Danielle Ellis Assistant Principal Secondary


Ms Hayley Oxley Head of Inclusion
Ms Zayla Cheek Teacher of Inclusion
Mrs Nadya Ghazal Teacher of Inclusion
Ms Eimear Keating Teacher of Inclusion
Mrs Sharon MacGowan Teacher of Inclusion

Physical Education

Mr Niall Statham Head of Physical Education
Mrs Lynn Horwell Teacher of Physical Education
Mr Tom Lappin Teacher of Physical Education
Ms Deanne Williams Teacher of Physical Education
Mr Adam Whitty Swimming Coach

Library and Student Support

Mrs Mary Rose Grieve Librarian
Mrs Rachel Munif Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Mrs Mary Sheedy Careers Counsellor
Mrs Anna White Student Support Counsellor

Accreditations & Affiliations