The Sobha Group

Over the last 40 years, the Sobha Group has built a reputation as a prestigious and reliable brand with an impressive portfolio of work that includes palace interiors, development of master communities, apartment buildings and other iconic landmarks.

Our motto, Passion at Work is a testament to our commitment to quality and to our work ethic, with an emphasis on attention to detail and innovation. This philosophy is supported by a strong set of values where integrity and transparency are fundamental to our business.

At Sobha, we have a Passion for Education, investing in professional development, training and skills growth at all levels. It is this passion which has led to our expansion into the international school sector in Dubai and the determination to deliver high quality schools.

We are equally focused on giving back to society and have a Passion for Change. Since 2006, we have invested in a unique social development initiative in Kerala, driving real change towards alleviating poverty at the grass roots level. The Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust programmes have been developed in close consultation with local authorities to ensure that we focus where help is most needed.

These are a few of the initiatives that we have undertaken. To understand more about the project’s aims and achievements please go to


The Sobha Academy was started in 2007 to empower and enable the rural poor to break away from the vicious circle of poverty, ignorance, deprivation, and exclusion by providing their children with high-quality education.

Selection to the Academy is done through an open draw from a list of eligible candidates. Currently, 825 students have access to free, quality education as a result of this initiative. Every academic year, 90 students (3 classes of 30 each) are taken in.

Once admitted, all the requirements of the children, including food, transportation, uniforms, books, medical care, etc., are met at no cost.


Sobha Hermitage, located on 23 acres of green estates, is the most benevolent home one can hope to find for the deprived. It is the epitome of humanity, offering love, care, and support to the neglected sections of the society – senior citizens as well as young widows, referred to as “young mothers,” and their children.

The residents stay in a secure environment where they are provided with food, clothing, shelter and services along with the best facilities, all on the house.