Why Choose Hartland?

Hartland is a unique and vibrant place filled with the energy of inquisitive minds and with a strong and experienced staff and leadership team. We understand that an outstanding education is not merely characterised by achieving good grades. It is defined by a combination of top-quality academic provision and an expansive enrichment programme designed to provide multiple pathways to success within a safe and warm environment.

Our Senior Leadership Team brings a recognised education pedigree with a combined average of over 20 years of leading outstanding schools, here in Dubai and in the UK.

Our teachers come to us from some of the most exceptional schools worldwide, including those here in the UAE. All are highly qualified and experienced in teaching the National Curriculum and many other curriculum models. Our students benefit from a staff group who are dedicated to each child’s academic, social and emotional development. Every one of our team is here to support our school community and we are proud that they have chosen Hartland as their workplace

Key Statements from KHDA Inspection Report 2019-20:

At Hartland International School, academic excellence is more than just making good grades. We combine a strong values-based British Education with the best international approaches to create an environment where students are encouraged to think and question. Through an enquiry-based learning approach, they are taught the necessary skills that they will need to enjoy a successful future. Our students are exposed to specialist subject-based teaching at a very young age to foster an appreciation for the subject while also promoting a culture of continuous learning.

Key Statements from KHDA Inspection Report 2019-20:

The enrichment programme is part of a comprehensive educational experience for our students. With over 100 clubs and enrichments activities to choose from, learning at Hartland International School is not just confined to the traditional classroom setting.

Students spend up to four hours a week pursuing a wide array of activities that encourage them to build on current talents or develop new ones. We work with our teachers and third-party providers to ensure the provision is of the highest quality and the outcomes are not just measurable but meaningful as well. Because the enrichment programme is such an integral part of our curriculum offering, almost all the activities on offer are included in the tuition fee*.

Key Statements from KHDA Inspection Report 2019-20:

The Hartland International School strives to be an inclusive school with a commitment to catering to students of myriad needs and abilities. Students will find that they are supported not only by their class teachers during lessons but also by a cohesive staff team that puts the child at the centre of all we do. Our SEND resources are provisioned to cater to children to a broad set of needs. The Gifted and Talented Programme is structured to provide adequate stretch for the more-abled students whilst simultaneously raising attainment for all our students. We have high expectations in terms of effort, commitment, behaviour, uniform and appearance but all of this within a caring and supportive environment.

Key Statements from KHDA Inspection Report 2019-20:

It is essential that we form a strong partnership between our school, each child and their parents. In our meetings, we share with you our vision and our targets and expectations for your child for the year ahead, but we will also seek to understand your aspirations for your child so that we develop these personal goals and targets together.

Parents also play an active role in the school through their participation in the Governing Body and the Parent Body we so fondly call “The Friends of Hartland”. Our shared vision reaches out across every aspect of school life to deliver an experience that is more than an education. It is therefore not surprising that parents of over 65 nationalities have come to trust Hartland International School with their children.

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