Pastoral Care

Hartland is first and foremost a community: a family where every individual is a name and not just a number or statistic.  Students will find that they are supported not only by their class teachers during lessons but also by a cohesive staff team that puts the child at the center of all we do.  Class teachers and form tutors are often the most important link between home and school, especially in the early years, and together with Heads of Key Stage and Leadership Team members, we monitor progress and general well-being in addition to tracking performance and setting challenging targets.  Our House System is new to the school but will in time be a driving force behind our revised and encouraging reward system.  We aim to recognise not only hard work and endeavours of students whilst at school, but also to celebrate students’ achievements outside and beyond the school gates.

We have high expectations in terms of effort, commitment, behaviour, uniform and appearance but all of this within a caring and supportive environment.  Our student leadership pathways encourage a sense of responsibility and the School Council is an important feature of Hartland life.

Accreditations & Affiliations