Performing Arts

At a time when curriculum needs and expectations are changing globally, there is much discussion about the skills that young people will need for the future.  The STEM agenda remains at the forefront of thinking, and the life skills of Critical Thinking, Agility and Adaptability are just some of the key capacities that experts have identified. Research is clear however that the role of performing arts in schools is crucial to the all-round development of the child and at Hartland, we are committed to its inclusion in an explicit and transparent way.

With specialist Drama and Music provision on staff, lessons across the school incorporate these learning disciplines. Dance to is delivered as a core subject from the Foundation Stage of the school with an external specialist provision in this field. Our partnership with the Center for Musical Arts enables provision in a wide range of instruments and the sounds of the exceptional peripatetic teachers and their students fill our music rooms daily.

We believe that the skills developed and experienced through access to the subjects that make up the performing arts boosts not only happiness and confidence but also enhances leadership skills for the future.

Whether through theatre or music, dance or school productions, there are avenues for all to explore.

The school also has a unique partnership with The Sylvia Young Theater School London and professionals from the homeschool and the West End Stages, visit Hartland twice a year for a Musical Theater School which is open to students from across the UAE.

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