The Hartland Way

We combine a unique blend of academic challenge, enrichment opportunities and pastoral support to target excellence and create a values-based community of teachers, children and parents. This rich combination, we call “The Hartland Way”, the bedrock of our strong values-driven education.

We strive for academic excellence in a well-disciplined, friendly and supportive community of nearly 60 nationalities which encourages all to succeed. We believe that if students feel happy and secure they will flourish and grow as individuals.
In the drive for this excellence, we are determined on our commitment to harness each child’s curiosity, using real life examples in our teaching and interactions, to ensure that all make exceptional progress. Through the eyes of the child, the world comes alive through this enquiry based learning approach. Children are often taught outside of their classrooms through hands-on investigations around the school and in the wider UAE community and overall, learning in our school transcends individual subjects. We are confident that our passion for and commitment to learning instils the highest aspirations for all in our school community.
We encourage our children to think and to question, equipping them with the skills that they will need to enjoy a successful future. We also ensure that they have a solid foundation of traditional school skills; spelling, grammar and times tables are very much part of our school life.

Enrichment is an Entitlement at Hartland

The learning experience does not begin and end in the traditional setting of the classroom. We thrive to ensure that the Hartland Way is as varied, diverse and interesting as possible, introducing students to many different facets of life.
As an integral part of our curriculum, our children are invited to spend up to four hours per week broadening their knowledge and skills. We encourage students to build both on current talents and work on developing new ones by choosing a balanced range of activities from those on offer. The Hartland Passport encourages students to develop a set of skills and values which, when combined with their academic and enrichment skills, will equip them for life.

Working Together

It is essential that we form a strong partnership between our school, each child and their parents. In our meetings, we share with you our vision and our targets and expectations for your child for the year ahead, but we will also seek to understand your aspirations for your child so that we develop these personal goals and targets together.
Our vision reaches out across every aspect of school life to deliver an experience that is more than an education. Our class weekly newsletter ensures that you share in the educational journey and understand the learning that is taking place.

Traditional Values

Working alongside parents, we wish to promote a culture and environment underpinned by traditional values. These are the values of compassion, empathy, kindness and honesty but to name a few. We take pride in reinforcing these traditional values in our day-to-day work with children as ultimately, our greatest aspiration, is to help create confident and successful adults who are fundamentally good people. With the support of our families, our children and our staff, we believe that we can contribute to a global target for happiness and kindness that, clichés aside, do indeed make the world a better place for all.
We have high expectations in terms of effort, commitment, behaviour, uniform and appearance and a good work ethos. When infused in a community where values driven education is at the heart of all we do, these elements help ensure a safe and vibrant community for all.

Accreditations & Affiliations